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Intelligent team building the same wall



Great resignation, lack of meaning and identity, lack of a common thread in business life, disengagement, withdrawal, loss of links...

The business world is changing, with major developments such as the spread of remote working and the search for meaning. To meet the challenges effectively, it is essential to cooperate massively:
- Cultivate a sense of belonging and strong bonds between employees
- Mobilize talents and capitalize on knowledge.


Komyu develops professional links, collective commitment and unity in companies, accompanying transformations and new resolutions by facilitating operations and relationships.

You are agents of change:
We support you in your digital and organizational transformations while facilitating the evolution of behaviors and mindsets.

- Together we develop strategies to create and develop your communities, using our evolving open source methods. (#OpenSeriousGame to build learning paths or workshops, #OpenSeriousCommunity to animate corporate communities, departments and teams).
- We support teams and leaders in their soft skills, their ability to communicate better, to surpass themselves together, to train and gain autonomy, to develop their collective identity.


We want to create and keep strong links and commitment within the teams.


We want to transmit self-supporting practices and contents.


We attach great importance to social and environmental issues.



Vanessa Hellebuyck

Alexandre Quach

Strategies for sense of belonging
Alexandre Quach

Vanessa Hellebuyck

Collective Experience Design and Leadership
Vanessa Hellebuyck

Thomas Froment

Massive collaborative structuring



Adaptation to change

We know that randomness cannot be controlled, and each situation is different. Each time, the dice will be thrown again (Alea jacta est!). We don't let this surprise us. We try to anticipate and/or acclimatise quickly, We don't give up!

Collective first!

We have a spirit of sportsmen in the same boat, our basic obsession is unity: we explore, we bubble, we row, we advance, we experiment, we celebrate... TOGETHER! We take the time to think about the collective consequences.

Long-term consideration

We consider our clients as true partners, to develop quality relationships in the long term. We consider human and systemic consequences by seeking lasting positive impacts, rather than punctual interventions.


We have all, in less than a year, taken giant steps in our learning culture transformation. We have more and more internal boosters of Komyu's method. Thales management is convinced of its operational effectiveness, and working at their side is always a great pleasure.
Catherine - Thales Digital Factory
Grâce aux conseils avisés de Komyu, nous avons fortifié notre culture, maintenant prête à l'onboarding et à l'épreuve de la croissance.
Clément - Fondateur WeBloom
We have created internal company communities following Komyu methodologies. Beyond being functional, this allows us to federate our employees on a daily basis, to improve their skills and to structure an increasingly interesting offer for our customers. I was able to train myself to provide more and more support.
Thomas - eXalt Community manager




Follow a structured approach to collect and analyze users/collaborators' data and motivators


Identify strategies and tactics to create connection and massive cooperation between collaborators


Develop collaborators' soft skills, empathy, interactions and interventions to better federate and unite




Awareness, Acculturation

Specific awareness and regular training on our key topics. We intervene as: Speakers, influencers, trainers in schools, private or public companies...


Consulting, Coaching

Regular support on our key topics. We intervene as: Strategy consultants, Organizational consultants, Transformation consultants, coaches, Change agents...


Path and Content Design

Content and users path design. We intervene as designer of: Roadmaps, courses, learning modules, engaging experiences, workshops, serious games...

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