In the context of the transformation of the Thales Learning & Culture, we called upon Komyu to accompany us on a set of use cases related to social learning, one of the pillars of our transformation.

Among these use cases, we can mention in particular:

- The revitalization of the communities of practice
- The development of learning communities, integrated to the communities of practice
- The development of Learning Moment in the operational teams
- The training of the teams in the Komyu method.

Before calling on Komyu, we studied a large part of the literature on social learning, carried out a benchmark with large companies as well as medium and small companies, conducted quantitative and qualitative interviews with our internal community managers.

In order to deploy social learning offers, we were missing a method and tools to support the animation and organization of collective learning within the communities.

The method developed by Komyu is based on a gamified framework of workshops, tools and techniques that help teams:

- to engage in their development
- to grow the sharing and transfer of knowledge
- to boost the social link, in a horizontal rather than vertical mode.

It also allows to orient, pilot, frame the life of the communities by relying on shared diagnosis strategies to evaluate the social dynamics, its strong points, its weak points in order to revitalize continuously.

In summary...
- In less than a year, we have all taken giant steps in our transformation of the learning culture
- We have more and more internal boosters of the Komyu method
- The Thales management is convinced of its operational efficiency
- Working alongside Alexandre and Vanessa is always a great pleasure.

Catherine and Isabelle, Thales Digital Factory